You need to Create a Home Inventory

Hopefully, you have a quality homeowner’s insurance plan protecting your house. Mother Nature has a way of throwing some crazy stuff at us.

You don’t want to have to make a claim, but what happens if you have to? Let’s imagine there was a massive flood which damaged your home. You have to make a claim to replace all of your furniture, clothes, electronics, and much more.

Do you know everything you would have to replace?

This article is going to look at why you should do a home inventory and tips on how you can do that. hands holding a home

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Does Homeowners Insurance Cover Accidental Death/ Liability?

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How much is Homeowner’s Insurance in Colorado?

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Car Insurance Rates on the Rise

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Best Flood Insurance Company

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3 Reasons Insurance Policies should be on your New Year’s Resolutions

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Earthquake Insurance for Denver, CO.

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